Supremo4k: Unboxing, Reviews, PROS and CONS

This is it!
Supremo4k is on my hand, I’ve been waiting for a weeks to have this action camera, and yes it’s worth a wait!

Supremo4k is the best choice i’d made when choosing action camera. It’s been a month on searching what is best action camera I can get on a low budget, and yes it’s the best deal for a low price.

For the unboxing of the product, I have a video down below this article that you might want to check!
First I will share you what’s with this action camera that you might need to consider:

  3. PROS & CONS


  1. Supremo4k Camera – 5x better from supremo1 (the old version).

    – From having authentic 16MP Sony IM Sensor with real 4K, with exclusive supremo app with editing features, faster processor vs. the old version, with integrated gyroscope and 7-layer glass lens.

  1. Supremo Wrist Remote

    – Yes! Remote is included! It has an indicator lights, then camera pairing button, video trigger and photo trigger (separate button)

  1. Waterproof Case

    – Waterproof case is a must in all action camera, even its not action camera we really do wish all our things are water proof. So anyway, we’ve tried it already and it’s great. Good quality, although when I use it in the water (beach), I saw fog on the inside. Maybe because I use it for an hour so it might be the reaction from the hot camera inside, and a little bit called water.

  1. Replacement Backdoor

    – Yes! It has an extra backdoor for the waterproof casing. It’s good they give some extra for that.

  1. Frame

    – Frame for the camera, we actually need it to connect on the pivot arms and mount and other accessories. But we can use it away from the water since frame is just frame, it’s not a casing and the camera is not waterproof.

  1. Quick Release Buckle & J-Hook Buckle

    – Quick release buckle is the accessories that we need to connect our camera from mount to mount. That’s the first thing you will encounter when you detach the camera from the box.
    – J-hook Bucket best use when you want your camera to face from down to up, best thing is you can adjust it.

  1. Flat, Curved, & Clip mount

    – Yey! You have it all. This are partners for the “buckles” accessories.
    – With additional 3M adhesives for the mount.

  1. 360 degree Rotating Swivel Arm , 3-Way Pivot Arm + thumb screen

    – Then this swivel arm and pivot arm is for connection from camera to objects or other accessories.

  1. Handle Bar Mount

    – For motorcycle or even for bicycle.

Other accessories inside the box are 3x safety tether, 4x straps, wall charger with USB cable, and the Best among others is the Extra Rechargeable Battery.



It is compatible to GoPro mounts and accessories!
Lots of accesories included on the box!

Until now I can’t find a way how to use the supremo4k clip mount.

I can’t say that i am a techie person, but being lured of the promo that said they have lots of freebies which is not stated that it was already included in the box, then i really not felt good about it. Yes! I am also felt bad on realizing that there’s no way i can use it on my bike ride and trekking because the “bike mount or handle bar mount” is not really suitable on my bike handle bar while the “clip mount or helmet/jacket mount” is not useful (unless the factory will tell me how to use it). I don’t have problem on the camera alone, only that i have some disappointment stage on the accessories.

Supremo4k is a very decent action camera with very affordable price and so far I love it.
Below is the example of the supremo4k i use underwater. It is a little bit dark since i took that photo around 5-6 o’clock in the morning and i was in a black sand beach.

Unboxing Time!

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