Part of your body, that you hardly accept?

What is the part of your body that you hardly accept, or still having trouble on accepting it?

Well on me, the hardest part to accept is my gap teeth. Yes! Having a gap teeth is not so usual on my area or place where I live. I haven’t seen any other kids or like my age having a gap teeth since.

In my childhood memory I have lots of less confidence and dim world because of it. Mostly because of the childhood kids who bullied me. Either because of my wide forehead or because of my gap teeth or both.

I won’t say I’m the only one who felt terrible on this situation, being bullied is the hardest part of growing up as a kids. So lots of kids can be threaten of it. It happened that having a gap teeth is a nightmare to me. Even when I reach on my high school life, I still have the worst confident that for sure not all of us can relate, but I knew some.


When I reach college, I’m still in that situation. I can’t easily request on my parents to support me on a financial aspect to a dentist. Until I decide to shift a course where personal development is a matter or let me say “face” really do matter. Literally stuff of the school ask me to go to an orthodontist. That’s the time my mother support me and allow me to go try having a braces.

I spend years having a braces and the best thing happened is that all those years my teeth formed okay. Until the braces was gone and I remain to stick on a retainer. Which I really did for almost 6 months. I accidentally lost it and then few months and year now, my teeth went to normal. For real, the gap teeth slowly appeared.

Recently, I’ve read this book. I forgot the title and the author. But I found a question that said “what is the part of your body that you hardly accept or ashamed of?

So I remember my gap teeth.

But the best thing of all is that, I don’t care anymore about my gap teeth. I don’t care about what people think of it. And I know the creator made me the best and beautiful creation he can be proud of.

So you human out there, be proud of what you have. Don’t be ashamed of something that make us more unique to the other human, be proud and heads up for that. Because each of us is different, even an identical twin is still different.


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