MakeUp: NOTE foundation on my face?!

How NOTE foundation for me?

Many girls out there loves make up, know how to use it and somehow its already part of the their routine.

NOTE foundationOne of the importance to achieve a good result of make up in your face is to have a good choice on foundation, since it’s where your other make up will be on. Other than that is your choice on the concealer, but I will talk about foundation only on this article. On top of everything, we girls have a problem on dealing with choosing the right foundation for us. Me as newbie on make up world, i still can’t find the right blend of foundation for my face.

My skin easily got burn and turn brown so its hard for me to look white or pale on my face when i got whiter foundation. So, I skip having all this basic on makeup and just leaving myself barely expose on anything.

Then when i visit my cousin on her place, she’s actually doing a make up tutorial in Youtube (Kathleen Simple World) and she let me use her make up kit. The thing is I was curious about her foundation, branded as NOTE. So i tried it and together with the concealer, and it looks good on me. Not easily get “cakey” at the summer. I actually use it when I went on my expedition on “unlocking hidden pieces of nature at Liloy, ZND” and it didn’t failed me. My face looks good on the camera.  “Adventure: Snorkeling and Beach Hoping in Liloy at West Mindanao, Must Try or Not?” .

But if you’re like me, who still can’t decide what foundation is best for your face. You can still look for affordable drug store make up, ask for the sales personnel. They can suggest the best product for your skin condition if oily or both, you can use matte result of any make up product.


So what’s with this NOTE foundation?


Check the video below as i’m trying to hide all my dark spot and scars of pimples.

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