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So what is the trend on your place now a days?

Well, here in a small city i live. I notice a Beauty Product Brand that reaches people through promoting it personally, and what is best about it? they will let you try first the product before you will decide if you buy it or not. This Brand called Mary Kay, yes it’s not new to all of you since some of you guys encountered or used this product already.

So here’s the story about what happened or how I encountered this brand earlier this afternoon.

MK review

I went on a “donut” shop to get some snacks from a long day at university. Then i noticed the group of ladies on the other table which are very busy and with a pretty good makeup. I’ve seen the product before on other cafe shop, same product as what I’ve seen on their table. It’s Mary Kay, I’ve heard it before that its a bit expensive and also leveling on other leading brand of make up products. I’ve seen also my sister bought a Mary Kay Lipstick, and i guess she like it.

Anyway, few minutes later, the lady (Miss Janah) asked me if I want to try the facial wash and some product. So literally, I’m gonna be listening all about this brand. Who’s the founder, where it was produce and Where I can buy it? Universe really heard all my question. Haha.

So, i was trying the product, putting and following their instruction while we’re talking about this brand.

mary kay facial wash setI tried the facial wash set, its really good on my face. Then she (Miss Janah) let me tried the solutioin for Acne-Prone Skin. They are really refreshing. After the facial wash and acne solution, they let me tried the CC Cream and the liquid foundation. Surely i was amazed with a little amount of it, smaller than my little finger nail and yet it applied whole coverage on my face. Best is that its lighter than i expected, its very nice and i don’t feel that I’m putting 2 product already on my face. It really blend on my face. Lastly they also introduce the liquid eye liner pen, eyebrow and lipstick. Then, VOILA! I’m pretty nah!

mary kay product review

Although this product is very good, we should expect also the price are leveling on those leading brand on drug store make up. But I’ve seen it affordable than those leading brand, since the product are in bigger package. I guarantee that it will last 6-8 months in daily usage. surprise?! yes i was surprise, i really thought before it was just small bottle or container but I’m wrong. So big YES for this product!

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  1. Roel says:

    What sorcery is this???

    You ladies have waaaaay too many toys ?

    Wish guys would have that same kind of passion when it comes to our toys ❤ but meh… I will never see the light of day when men would share their gadgets for others to play with. I guess that’s how women bond. The max we could so is “hey bruh, nice phone” ?

    • Miss S says:

      hahaha… i’m not sure how to react… half is true and half not, i guess… haha… but in terms of gadget i’m more interested on gadget than others but its a little bit expensive though… >.<

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