Gemini Thing: How to survive on over thinking things?

Gemini; not everyone of us believe on a zodiac sign, but for me i still believe on it.
By following some guides and tips, I found things that can help me over come my attitude as a Gemini.

Some people says Gemini is the hardest and unpregemini pixabaydictable zodiac sign, and its for real!

So i wrote this thing because at this moment i’m a little bit drown of frustration because of over thinking things, lot of things.
It’s a last week of May so it’s for “twin” moment and I’m also turning silver this 2nd and I’m happy about it.

Being under this zodiac sign is a roller coaster ride. At first you laugh like your dying and then later on you’re┬áturned blue and burst to cry. I’m really look like a psycho or a big bipolar baby. Haha… I called this zodiac sign as a “twin”.

Being under this zodiac sign is having a indecisive, easily bored and uneasily satisfied person. I admit, I am that person. That is why I over think things, I’m sure you can relate on it. For sure, you’re already tired of it. Being easy go lucky person is one of our thing that can help us under this zodiac sign to control and avoid those negativeness that might surround on us in any seconds. So what should I do to step forward on conquering it?

Well, i end up pissing my boyfriend. Irritating him on all the thoughts that running on my freaking mind. Later on he suggested that I should stop over thinking things not never or impossible to happen in an hour or days. Those about all the unknown future. We as a Gemini should stop thinking things that aren’t yet to happen, things that is very simple and we made it complicated. So let’s be satisfied.


So, what about you? any thoughts of being under Gemini, or having a person with this zodiac around you. Drop comments below.


PS: you might want to check my entry level vloging here “first cycling accident”

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Miss S

Gemini Jack of all Trades, that's what i call myself; master of none! But I don't see it as negative, rather I enjoyed knowing that i can do that or tried that thing. Love to explore and try every thing which interest me. Bound by positiveness and happiest person you will know, i can be opposite for that too if know. wanting to start writing and sharing all the thoughts that are spilling on my brain now...

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2 Responses

  1. Nice says:

    I have two very close friends that are Geminis, and you know, they really do fit the characteristics you stated, but since I’m an overthinker and an unpredictable person as well (I’m a Virgo by the way), I can someone relate to you Geminis on that. Thankfully though, I’m patient with dealing with my friends’ emotions. Also, even though I love believing in the Zodiac, there are some traits that aren’t really exclusive on a certain sign since there are others who aren’t Gemini who share similar traits like what you stated as well, but that’s just my opinion. Haha.

    • lifeofshare says:

      yes! you are right, lots of people belong to other zodiac sign had this over thinking traits too. Hands up for those people like you with a huge patient to deal with Gemini friends… hehe

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