My First Cycling Accident

Cycling Accident?!

It’s been awhile since I’m a little curious on what’s the feeling of those who crash or fell on a bicycle. So now! Congrats on me!
I fell on a bicycle few days ago. I hit my knee and bump the right side of the body on the ground.

I even thought, i hit my head that hard because i made my first “talking” in front of the camera. HAHA

So maybe you can check how i ruin those grammar and pronunciation on this video below. I even ruin and use i don’t know what accent it is! Haha



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Miss S

Gemini Jack of all Trades, that's what i call myself; master of none! But I don't see it as negative, rather I enjoyed knowing that i can do that or tried that thing. Love to explore and try every thing which interest me. Bound by positiveness and happiest person you will know, i can be opposite for that too if know. wanting to start writing and sharing all the thoughts that are spilling on my brain now...

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