Adventure: Snorkeling and Beach Hoping in Liloy at West Mindanao, Must Try or Not?

In a place where most people in the country, tag as one of dangerous area. You will find a hidden piece of nature.

Experience Liloy, Zamboanga Del Norte. A small town with a big awesomeness!


June 2017, I went to Liloy Zamboanga Del Norte. It’s the town where my childhood memory filled with. My grandparents both side live there, and so most of my relatives too. It’s just 6 to 7 hours bus ride from my home, but I rarely visit there in my early 20s.

Although I have lots of relatives on this place, I don’t have chance to discover beaches and other hidden pieces of nature (literally hidden since they are untouched and not exposed beaches, cliffs and reefs). But chances are always on the corner, grab a phone contact a fisherman and rent a boat! that is the best way to visit those undiscovered places.

I’ve always wanted to go beyond the reef (haha… feels like moana), and voila I did! I’d experience snorkeling and took a memories underwater with my cousin Kathleen. The best thing is that, the beach we went for snorkeling is just around 2km away from Kathleen’s house. She live with her parents in a house facing the lavish open sea! Envy? Yes we should! ???

I knew, visiting a local and unknown places specially here in mindanao at the moment is not a good idea. But don’t hesitate to experience the untouched and undiscovered beauty of Liloy Zamboanga Del Norte. Make friends with locals and plan a trip.

Talking about accomodation and other accesibility?

The town have two affordable major hotel, bank access,  bus terminal (to dipolog, Zamboanga city, pagadian city and labason), small restaurants, cafes and bars. You can roam around downtown commercial centers by walking, I guarantee most of locals are friendly. Expect also fresh sea foods in uptown commercial center (in Fatima, Liloy).

want more info about this place? drop your comment below. Let’s travel together!

yours truly,


check the video below…. we used supremo4k for underwater camera, for the product review click here ➡ SUPREMO4K PROS & CONS REVIEW


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6 Responses

  1. Angel Ho says:

    Looks great! Haven’t been to the Philippines yet. Personally love island and snorkeling.

  2. Vaidehi says:

    This place looks so beautiful. Loved your cideo as well.

    • lifeofshare says:

      hello vaidehi
      thank you for appreciating the place. its my first to discover this and im really amazed by it too

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