Simple, generous, family-oriented and adventurous woman from a country side.

lifeofshare“That are some of the characteristic, I might say that I possess from being a daughter of two strong and well-being people. I finished my studies with a normal struggle in life. I am not as good as my siblings are.

But this is the reason I pursue things, I want to help those people around there, whom needs some attention. Especially children on their education. I want them to discover that education is as colorful as it is and the way on everything, since we all know that knowledge can’t be steal.

I came up to this saying “show color for a cause” with the help of my sister. For I want to share every colorful life I have, every experienced I took, and every advocacy I made just to come up with what I wanted.

I need to do something for them, so by that I decided to do my first advocacy for children.
The back to school program, which half of every services I made/deal on digital arts or activities and event, will be given to the funds for children’s school materials.

Share, why my parents put up and decided a name like that.
HAHA. very rare!
Aside from focusing on my advocacy, I also love lots of things. As you can see on “lifestyle” menu, I have lots of interest but take note not all of those things I do regularly. Some are Health & Fitness matter which i often skip because of my sleepless or unpredictable schedules. Some are a little bit expensive so I rarely got a chance to do it. That’s the travel adventure thing!
So that’s it!

Thank you for having you here in my site, enjoy reading and discovering things here.
Have a blissful and superb life on this wonderful planet earth!”



Truly Yours,




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